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compare and contrast the research methodologies

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The problem essentially is looking at methodology in quantitative and qualitative approaches. Examples given to identify types of approach are: (1) Elizabeth Coates writing in the International Journal of Early Years Education (2002) "I forgot the sky". Children's stories contained within their drawing and the way in which they talked to themselves as they drew. Observed in their classrooms and collated for analysis over a relatively short period of time.
(2) Wataru Takei first published in 2001 How do deaf infants attain first signs? in Developmentak Science. A longitudinal study of two deaf infants of deaf parents, researched through monthly visits to the home and video taped. Hand activities by parents and children were described and analyzed.
I need help in structuring and formatting the response to the question of compare and contrast the research methodologies used.

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Help to compare and contrast the research methodologies is given.

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I think both seek out a standard for validity.Both seek out method as for generating reliable data. I've gotten hit by a virus that keeps redirecting me to advertising on the web. Thus, it's going to be very difficult for me to give you the detailed help I would like to provide. I'm going to give you all the links that I think are useful and hopefully you will be able to center on the one/ones most useful.

Here we go. In order to examine similarities you may want to look at this:

Oct 20, 2006 ... Both quantitative and qualitative research rest on rich ...

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