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Comparing Functional Assessment Methodologies

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Read only the first five pages in the Herzinger & Campbell (2007) article: Comparing Functional Assessment Methodologies: A Quantitative Synthesis. This article provides concise information on the similarities and differences between different types of functional assessment methodologies. Using the information presented in the first five pages of this article, discuss the different types of functional assessment methodologies.

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The Herzinger & Campbell (2007) article, "Comparing Functional Assessment Methodologies: A Quantitative Synthesis, is briefly examined in 200 words of reactions.

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Welcome warmly to BM! Kindly rate 5/5 for my 200 words of reactions. I added some direct quotes from the article for your reference, too.

As you create your own learning journal to compare and contrast the different types of functional assessment methodologies, you might first cover Functional Behavioral Assessments. The Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA) is a basic, foundational type. They aim to document a behavior's purpose or function. They also examine both the behavioral antecedents and consequences and try to reduce any maladaptive behaviors. This type is ...

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