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Quality Management and Six Sigma

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Assignment: How is DMAIC used on Six Sigma Projects? Read the following two cases about two Six Sigma projects. Analyze how each one used the DMAIC process to solve the problem. Write a paper comparing and contrasting the two projects.

Assignment Expectations: Be sure to include the following: What are the similarities and differences in the two projects for the five phases, Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control? Your paper should be organized so that you have an introduction, then five sections for each of the DMAIC, then a summary. Write a two page paper discussing comparing and contrasting the two projects.


Konopka, S., Millar, M., O'Brien, B. and Weissman, M. (2009). Reducing Delays in a Cardiac Cath Lab: an iSixSigma Case Study. Retrieved 3/16/2010 from ucing-delays-in-the-cardiac-cath-lab-with-six-sigmaan-isixsigma-case-st udy&Itemid=156

Williams, T. (2009). Call Center Software Issue: an iSixSigma Case Study. Retrieved 3/16/2010 from alvaging-a-call-centerĂ¢??s-big-software-investment&Itemid=156.


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Cardiac Catherization labs are significant investment for any hospital and gaining return on this investment is challenging due to introduction of new technologies and limitations in reimbursement. To meet these challenges, hospitals are adopting means like six-sigma to maximize equipment utilization and improve efficiency.
The call center on the other hand is an important operational center for management of an organization which calls for increased efficiency. The most important process in the call center, which needs most improvement, is an agent handling inbound or outbound call. Six-sigma methodologies can produce major breakthroughs in call handling providing improved results for employees, customers, and shareholders.
The various phases of the five step DMAIC project for both cases were:
Define Phase: The failure to start the first case on time was leading to delay in starting subsequent cases. This variability in time was causing staff, patient, and physician dissatisfaction. Hence, a charter was established by the senior leadership and a goal of 80 percent on-time starts was established. A map was defined which depicted ...

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