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    Production Planning and Quality Management

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    After all your production planning analysis, you have been asked to prepare a Quality Management Planning Strategy for management and employees.
    Using course materials and other resources, develop a strategy document with the following action items:

    Identify the overall Quality Management Process (TQM, ISO 9000, Six Sigma) that Manychip will use and explain the rationale for such change. Be aware of industry requirements (i.e. service operations are different from manufacturing and each process may offer specific advantages for a specific industry). Describe how you will implement the process in Manychip (make any necessary reasonable assumptions you need with the scenario, such as company organization or structure).

    Once you identify and explain the process, outline the specific tools and techniques that Manychip will use for quality management. Consider the usefulness of all the charting and statistical quality metric techniques and identify which ones Manychip should use.

    Develop a communications memorandum to the factory workers announcing these changes and explaining the value of them. Remember, quality management principles all focus on employee involvement and continuous improvement.

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    The overall quality management process chosen for this situation will be Six Sigma. As Manychip is observing strong growth in all its businesses, it has become imperative for the organization to support this growth and scalability with sustained focus on quality initiatives. Six Sigma is one such tool that ensures that organization moves ahead on its growth path with strong focus on quality. Six Sigma significantly eliminates all inefficiencies, helps in attaining highest possible levels of accuracy and quality and ensures huge improvement in operational efficiency.

    In order to implement this process at Manychip, several steps need to be fulfilled and conditions need to be met. First of all, it is extremely necessary to secure support from the top management for the successful implementation of Six Sigma. Management should extend financial and other resources as well as guide organizational employees to ensure that the project is implemented in a smooth manner.

    Secondly, another important consideration is to ensure that the organization possesses a solid infrastructure that ensures necessary resources for the implementation of this initiative. Further, a solid infrastructure should be supported by a receptive culture that ensures maximum support from the organizational employees.

    In order to ensure that organizational employees become receptive and extend their full cooperation, Manychip's management will need to clarify the doubts, concerns and apprehensions of the employees and fully explain the benefit of this new initiative to the employees.

    Further, roles and responsibilities need to be assigned to the critical employees in the organization. Assigning the appropriate roles involves shifting the full-time responsibilities of a few, critical employees. Roles typically include a Six Sigma champion, Master Black Belts, Black Belts, Green Belts, and a financial analyst. (Sometimes, additional roles are created, such as Yellow Belts and Brown Belts.) Those necessary roles and responsibilities are often determined by a Six Sigma steering committee. And the initiative often resides within a department as a stand-alone function, separate from other quality initiatives.

    In order to implement Six Sigma, DMAIC methodology is used. DMAIC is almost universally used to guide Six Sigma process-improvement projects. Although truly dramatic improvement ...

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    After all your production planning analysis, you have been asked to prepare a Quality Management Planning Strategy for management and employees.