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Brief Notes on Operations, Planning and Control

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Write brief notes on the applications of the following in production operations:
a. aggregate planning
b. quality acceptance plans
c. learning curves
d. dependent demand
e. e-commerce

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Hello! I have included brief, explanatory notes for each of the applications as they pertain to production operations. These explanations are meant to be a starting point for you to expand upon. I am always happy to help. Best wishes to you in your studies! Jessica

a. Aggregate Planning

Aggregate (or Combination) planning helps the management team plan out what resources will be needed for the upcoming months. Usually, this activity helps plan out four weeks to one year ahead of where production currently lies. Materials as well as other resources are taken into account by use of demand forecasts, alternative cost analysis, and organizational policies. The main goal of aggregate planning is to reduce costs in an attempt to "predict" the demand for the product being offered.

b. Quality Acceptance ...

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Notes on operations, planning and controls are examined. Applications of aggregate planning are determined.

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