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    Informal verses Formal Assessment

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    Consider what you have you learned and do some research on formal and informal assessment with the Special Education child; write a 3 - 4 page essay comparing and contrasting the major differences between both types of assessments. It will be helpful to create a Venn diagram first.

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    According to the Federation For Children with Special Needs (http://www.fcsn.org, 1/15/15), assessment is the process of collecting information that can be used in decision making, career-planning, and service plan development for a young person. Four overlapping domains of assessment are as follows:

    1. Educational assessment-these test measure academic achievement or performance, like math or English language literacy, and cognitive ability tests that measure intellectual skills.
    2. Vocational assessments measure career interest, job aptitudes, etc.
    3. Psychological ...

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    This lesson identifies the differences be formal and informal assessments. Definitions are provided along with descriptors of each type of assessment.