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    Leadership verses followership

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    Please help me to answer these questions.

    1.Define leadership and followership. Distinguish between formal leadership and informal leadership.

    2.Compare House's path-goal theory of leadership with the Situational Leadership model.

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    Leadership vs Followership; Formal vs Informal Leadership

    Leadership - what is it? Is it a title? Is it seniority? Is it management? Leadership is none of these. Is has been said that the only leader is someone with a follower. This isn't necessarily true either. A person can have a follower, but never lead that other person. So, again, what is a leader? The definition of leadership can take on many roles. It is someone that acts - someone that can take a stand in times of need in order to encourage others. It is someone who has the ability to take an ordinary person or group of people and turn them into an extraordinary individual or team. A leader is someone who gets things done. A leader is someone who can inspire others to move toward a positive outcome. Leadership cannot be taught, but it can be learned and enhanced.

    So we have a leader. That means that ...

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    This 578 word solution provides a summary of leadership verses followership, formal verses informal leadership, and compares House's path-goal theory with situational leadership model.