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    Adaptive Leadership within an organization and its importance

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    Change within an organization is inevitable, whether it is the result of such factors as the introduction of new products and technologies, shifts in world economies, consumer demands, or today's mobile workforce. The success of an organization depends in large part on how effectively changes such as these are handled. Last week, you analyzed the concept of followership. Now consider the role of the follower in adaptive systems thinking.

    1. How does adaptive leadership link to issues of followership?

    2. Would more adaptive leadership assist in your organization? Why or why not? What could you do to enable it?

    3. What kinds of organizational cultures respond best to adaptive leadership? Why?

    4. Identify a business or organization that you believe uses adaptive leadership principles. Describe how you see the model used in the organization and its effectiveness.

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    Adaptive Leadership
    1. Since change is inevitable, organizations strategize to deal with changing business environment. It is here that adaptive leaders' role is critical to managing organizational changes. Adaptive leader not only provides direction, protection and orientation to shape the change but also manages conflict that emerges from the change. An adaptive leader understands that managing change requires different approaches. For identification of suitable approach he first analyses the impact on change on individuals.
    Followership, in contrast is an influence of leaders to make others achieve organizational goals. The problem with followership is that individuals do not tend to think. They get boxed with what leader thinks and does. The effectiveness of leadership style is dependent on motivation of followers and their ability to follow the leader. As a result the entire onus of adapting to the change lies with the leader and not followers. Adaptive leadership addresses these issues of followership where leader is responsible for managing change for organizational improvement. The adaptive leader has to finely balance individual's expectation from change and ensure that the change does not overwhelm them. An adaptive leader effectively deals with organization's change management process within a leader-follower construct (Lowder, 2009).
    2. Yes, a more adaptive leadership would assist ...

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    Adaptive leadership within an organization and its importance is discussed.