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Adaptive Leadership

Could someone help me in articulating this?

Sharon Daloz Parks, in a book available at Harvard Business School Press (http://www.hbspress.org) entitled Leadership Can Be Taught: A Bold Approach for a Complex World, discusses the concept of adaptive leadership which includes:

?Anticipatory imagination - asking the question ahead of time: "What will be needed to get there with comfort?"

?Giving work back to the group, playing the role of mentor and guide. How do you think adaptive leadership can help a leader work with negative outcomes?

Learning Objective: Identify the characteristics of adaptive leadership.

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1. Anticipatory imagination-asking the question ahead of time: "What will be needed to get there with comfort?"

The Adaptive view of organizations and leadership has the following characteristics that will help to get there with comfort:

? Attention is focused on value-added outcomes.
? Job descriptions are intentionally broad-based to allow for flexibility.
? Roles are fluid. Within limits, people are expected to substitute for one another.
? Contacts are open and networks are encouraged to form.
? Policies encourage people to take a "can do" mindset to find solutions.
? The structures are more fluid and of shorter duration. Changes in design are aimed at enhancing flexibility and responsiveness.
? Authority is accorded a place, but reliance on it is played down. Greater influence is accorded people who demonstrate ability to add value.
? Achievement, innovation and change are sought and rewarded.
? Cooperation is a highly regarded value in the organization and is far more easily gained.
? Information is ...

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