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Leadership in Warfare

Are adaptive leaders born or made? What type of organizational culture, training environment, command climate and/or experience would foster the growth of adaptive leaders? Is the current Global War on Terror (Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation Enduring Freedom), dubbed the Captain's War, accelerating the growth of adaptive leaders? How do we capture this experience into individual and institutional learning? Are there examples in the past of accelerated institutional learning?

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Adaptive leaders are made and not born, as one has to be taught the necessary tools to adapt to different military threats, war zones, and challenges. Therefore, an organizational culture must be in place that is conducive to allowing the brightest and best to succeed and advance in the officer corps that will possess the necessary traits to be able to adapt. As is the case with leaders wherein not everyone can be an effective leader, only effective leaders will be able to adapt if given the necessary tools. Therefore, an organization that has flexibility, innovativeness, and effective ...

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The leadership in warfare are determined.