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Failure in Vietnam and it's affect on World History

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Looking beyond the fall of Saigon on April 1975, what sort of differences has it made in the world to date that what was perceived as potential disaster for world history did not work out as feared.

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This is a difficult question to quantify as the question itself is loaded with intangibles. How do you quantify the difference to the world of an event that really did not have worldwide import except in the manner in which the only truly involved superpower reacted to it? Arguably the actions in and around Vietnam were at best of purely regional importance. The fall of South Vietnam, consolidation of Vietnamese unity under communist leadership, and subsequent Vietnamese intervention in Cambodia only had regional importance if you look at all these events closely.

The reaction of the United States however, is a different matter altogether. For one thing, the US turned away from taking a lead role in counter insurgency warfare for the next thirty years. When the US did retake the lead, it was ...

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A discussion of the American failure in Vietnam and that defeat's affect on subsequent world history. What sort of differences has the American failure in the Vietnam War made in the world to date? Have subsequent events bore out that what was perceived at the time as calamitous for world history really been a disaster?

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4 - 5 Slide Powerpoint presentation w/speaker notes

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Explanation of the Political, military, and social outcomes of the end of the war in Vietnam.
â?¢ Johnsonâ??s decline and the destruction of his presidency
â?¢ War-induced inflation and effect on U.S. foreign policy
â?¢ Americanâ??s faith in the leader and the political system
â?¢ Thousands of American sent to their deaths, but who won the war?

American defends South Vietnam against communists from a small unexplainable cold War commitment the proved to be the most costly war in American history. This was after starting the decade with high expectations but often lead to a divided America. The popular Presidency of Lyndon Johnson was destroyed while inflation and foreign policy riddled America. Americans lost faith in the government while many lives were lost in a war to possible no avail.

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