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    The 1968 Democratic Convention Protest

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    I need some guidance on the following: One commentator has called 1968 the Summer of Hate. During this year, the Tet offensive began in January, Martin Luther King was assassinated in Memphis in April, Robert Kennedy was assassinated in Los Angeles in June, and protestors and police clashed on television at the Democratic Convention in Chicago. What were the protestors in Chicago unhappy about? How did these events affect the election of 1968?

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    If you look at the history of the Vietnam War you will find the answer but I will some this up as simple as possible but please realize that we are here to help and not to do your work so I ask that you take what I say and do some deeper research in order to answer this question in your own way.

    The Vietnam War had esculated to the point that it was truly a stand off between South Vietnam and North Vietnam. The Tet offensive is what sent us from being just consultants to being allies with South Vietnam. Men, or I should say boys, were being drafted right out of high school or recruited right out of high school at the age of eighteen. They were given a shortened training period and being sent off to Vietnam. Please understant that until this day, the American Goverment claims we were never in a War.

    Many historians believe that the shot that ...

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    Gives a brief history with refrences of what led up to the protest of the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago, IL