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    Vietnam War dissent

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    This job offers ideas and research about how dissent for the Vietnam War manifested in America.

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    Although this topic is vast, please allow some of my ideas to help you to explain how dissent for the Vietnam War manifested itself in America:

    Please note how dissent for the Vietnam War divided public opinion in this country like no other conflict since the Civil War. You can even credit organized dissent with playing "a central role in ending the war. This was the most effective war protest in U.S. history" (http://www.lib.uci.edu/libraries/exhibits/warwithin/).

    In other words, you might list how dissent for the war manifested itself predominantly in student unrest across America. For example, you might highlight how groups such as the ones in 1959 called the Semi-socialist Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) held "teach-in" rallies as a direct, oppositional reaction to the war. These protest rallies showed their dissent for against the draft. Other examples such as students burning their draft cards or draft dodgers fleeing to Canada or other countries to escape military service further reveal manifestations and a large anti-war movement in America. It is evident that this dissent made protests against the war escalate on college campuses nationwide in the late 1960s. These demonstrations grew stronger in the 1970s.

    Since you need examples, you might add that research shows that SDS "was the largest and most influential radical student organization of the 1960s. At its inception in 1960, there were just a few dozen members, inspired by the civil rights movement and initially concerned with equality, economic justice, peace, and participatory democracy. With the escalation of the Vietnam War, SDS grew rapidly as young people protested the destruction wrought by the US government ...

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