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Lasting lessons from 1968 in America

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What did the 1968 march at the Chicago Democratic Convention prove?

Was there any good that came out of this situation for all of those involved, our country and the war in Vietnam?

Did Arfrican Americans and other minorities achieved anything benefical from 1968?.

During 1968 what did our county learn from everything that was happening?

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Excellent questions. I'll begin by referring you to some sources where you can get answers from the pros.

"The Sixites" by Todd Gitlin, a former student leader.
"Miami and the Siege of Chicago" by Norman Mailer, a great on-the-scene look at the Chicago convention.
"Coming Apart" by William O'Neill, a good overview of the '60s.
Search "1968" under Books at Amazon.com to find any of a half dozen books written about that year.

Okay, my opinions:
In 1968, America learned that there were limits. Limits to its power overseas, limits to what blacks would take at home, limits to police power at home, limits to the power of a mostly white suburban culture. These were hard lessons as the violence and assassinations showed and many people refused to learn these lessons. Many still don't know them. 1968 was a pivotal turning ...

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The author summarizes the lasting impact of 1968 in America, including lessons learned (or not learned) from Vietnam, urban riots, and the Democratic National Convention riots in Chicago.

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