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Compare and Contrast the Health Systems of Vietnam and Jordan

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Please use a comparison and contrast with the health systems of Vietnam and Jordan. This should include the organization, financing, culture, wealth, history and environmental factors. It does not have to include all of them actually you can leave out the organization and financing.

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The solution compares and contrasts the health systems of Vietnam and Jordan.

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For this task, it is difficult for me to actually provide you with scholarly articles. After all, most scholarly articles focus on research, while this task requires more of an overview of the two countries. A lot of the information, you can find on the Internet, but from less reputable sources, such as Wikipedia, personal blogs, or history websites. At the bottom, I have listed some of the better, more helpful websites I found. Your best sources will be to actually cite the references I have already given you for the other two tasks on Vietnam and Jordan.

Below, I have compared the two countries based on the sections you have given:

Organization of health system & financing of health system: (I combined them into one section for ease)
Jordan has one of the best health care systems in the Middle East. Jordan's health care system contains both public and private sectors, the public sector making up about 1/3 of the system. 88% of Jordanians have health insurance.

Technically, Vietnam's health care system is publicly run. Yet, when Vietnam attempted to provide completely free health care in the 1980s, the quality of health care greatly diminished, and the government had to start charging patients for ...

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