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foreign policies of Kennedy and Johnson

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Compare and contrast the foreign policies of Kennedy and Johnson

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The foreign policies of Kennedy and Johnson are examined using research.

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Please allow some of my notes and research to guide your studies:

As you compare and contrast the two policies, you might first outline JFK's. Please note that Cold War diplomacy was a vital part of his plan. He tended to have a more idealistic view than Johnson since JFK was more eager to help the developing world.

Please also note that one of JFK's major aims was to contain Communist Cuba. Research also shows that he was effective in foreign policy because he "proposed that South American nations join the United States in a ten-year plan for economic development in the Americas. The Alliance for Progress, as it came to be called, did much to improve U.S. prestige in Latin America, and was a useful buffer against Soviet inroads in the western hemisphere" (http://www.sparknotes.com/biography/jfk/section8.rhtml).

As a result, you might want to stress that Kennedy was different in his foreign policy's tactic of ...

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