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    John F. Kennedy's Contributions to Catholic Faith

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    1. What contributions did John F Kennedy make that directly affected the catholic faith?

    Can anyone give me some ideas and or direction? I know he was catholic and that he worked for civil rights? Anything more specific would be helpful.

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    Interesting queston! Please see response attached (Posting 112400.doc), which is also presented below. I also attached an interesting article.


    1. What contributions did John F Kennedy make that directly affected the catholic faith?

    Kennedy, John Fitzgerald (1917-1963), 35th president of the United States. The youngest ever elected to the presidency and the first of the Roman Catholic faith, John F. Kennedy won the election of November 1960 by a razor-thin margin, but after taking office he received the support of most Americans. They admired his winning personality, his lively family, his intelligence, and his tireless energy, and they respected his courage in time of decision. During his relatively brief term of office-less than three years-President Kennedy dealt with severe challenges in Cuba, Berlin, and elsewhere (e.g., addressing threats to peace and social justice - modeling his Catholic faith and values). A nuclear test ban treaty in 1963 brought about a relaxation in cold war tensions following a time of severe confrontation early in the administration. Domestically, much of the Kennedy program was unfulfilled, brought to fruition only in the Johnson administration. The U.S. space program, however, surged ahead during the Kennedy administration, scoring dramatic gains that benefited American prestige worldwide. An assassin's bullet cut short Kennedy's term as president. On Nov. 22, 1963, the young president was shot to death while riding in a motorcade in Dallas, Texas. As the nation joined in mourning, dignitaries from around the world gathered at his funeral in Washington to pay their respects. Mayor Willy Brandt of West Berlin expressed the world's sense of loss when he said, "a flame went out for all those who had hoped for a just peace and a better life" (see full article available on-line at http://ap.grolier.com/article?assetid=0229520-00).

    Let's take a look at some of these contributions in more detail.

    1. What contributions did John F Kennedy make that directly affected the Catholic faith? Can anyone give me some ideas and or direction? I know he was Catholic and that he worked for civil rights. Anything more specific would be helpful.

    John F. Kennedy's contributions to the Catholic faith are somewhat controversial. Perhaps, some would argue that they are indirect contributions, but the Catholic faith is about living a life based on the beliefs and values of the Catholic faith. In this way, Kennedy's social justice and peace endeavors, breaking down of Anti Catholicism in politics, and the building of John F. Kennedy Schools are direct contributions affecting the Catholic faith through modeling to the nation Catholic ideals and values. However, Kennedy's efforts to separate his religion from his elected role in a pluralistic society weren't universally popular among Catholics, however. Nor were church leaders happy with his opposition to several key items on the U.S. bishops' legislative agenda, including federal aid to parochial schools and returning a U.S. ambassador to the Vatican. http://www.catholicnews.com/data/stories/cns/0402050.htm ...

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