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New Testament for the Image of the Union Between Christ Marriage

In the new testiment, according to Mathew, John, and Paul, the post easter church believed that the power of jesus to forgive sins had passed to _______________________?

In Ephesians 5 21-33 paul presents marriage as an image of the union between christ and_________________________?
the whole human race
the righteous people in heaven
the church

The most important rite of marriage is__________
the readings from scripture
the exchange of rings
the man and women expressing their consent to the marriage
the preaching by the preist

The Reformation (protestant) churches consider marriage to be a sacrament

Luther did not consider the anointing of the sick to be a sacrament

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1. Did the post-Easter church believe that Jesus' power to forgive sins was passed on, and to whom?

In the Catholic tradition the constant teaching has been that the power to absolve people of their sins was given by Jesus to the Apostles and their successors("whose sins you shall for forgive are forgiven them ...") This power, which is part of the Sacrament of Holy Orders, is passed on by means of ordination to the priesthood. It is believed that this power to absolve is never lost; even if a ...

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The expert examines the new testament for the image of the union between Christ marriage. The righteous people in heaven are determined.