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Bible Book Summaries from the New Testament

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I have to write 5 Bible Book Summaries from the New Testament. I need help with discussing the key themes and major events that took place in each book.

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This solution provides a summary of five books from the New Testament. The major themes and events are described in each book.

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Hi student,

Included in the following post is information on the themes and structure of some New Testament books; hopefully, the information is beneficial to aid you in writing your summaries.

(1) The Book of Acts

The central theme in the Book of Acts is that the gospel is universal; salvation is universal; and free to all-- both Jew and Gentile. One just has to have faith. The principle of faith is that the gospel is the truth beginning with Jesus Christ and continuing through the church. It is clear from this book that the church is unified and belongs to God. The testimony provided in Acts affirms that Jesus is the foundation of the church, and the significance of the persecution is that followers were willing to be persecuted for His sake. According to Bock, the book is also stressing communal unity; the message emphasizes and underscores the theological equality for both Jew and gentile when it comes to matters of salvation with God's grace as applied to both groups (p. 501). Acts is primarily developed around two characters (Peter and Paul) who are to spread the gospel from Jerusalem to Rome (Klein, Blomberg, Hubbard, 2005). Acts is linked to the Gospel of Luke (1:1). The Book ...

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