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Bible Book Summary: The Gospels of Matthew and Mark

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Summarize the Gospels of Matthew and Mark and explain the following:

- The genre
- Key theme
- Major events/personalities

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The Gospel of Matthew is focused on the Old Testament predictions that were to be fulfilled in Jesus Christ. The majority of the predictions are introduced by various formulas. For instance, Matthew uses a group of citations from the Hebrew Scriptures to illustrate a connection between the Old and the New Testament. For example, his references to the messiah are reflective of the Old Testament sayings (cf. Mt 2:15=Ho. 11:1). His gospel reflects the outlook of the Jewish community. The genealogy of Jesus is traced from Abraham and arranged in three groups based on Jewish customs and phrases (Guthrie, 1990). According to Guthrie, Matthew's gospel embraces both particularism and universalism. If "Christianity is the ideal ...

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This solution provides brief summaries of the Gospels of Matthew and Mark and discusses both. This is all completed concisely in 462 words and includes 2 references.

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