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New Testament Book Summaries

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Please assists with writing 5 bible summaries from the new testament. It must include one gospel, narrative, epistle, and apocalyptic. We can pick which 5 books we would like to use. This is for a junior level class. The instructor is not asking for much he just wants to make sure that we have the key themes of each, major events and personalities for narrative, law, gospel and major issues/concerns addressed in prophecy, wisdom books, epistles and apocalyptic. What stories should I choose?

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The solution discusses the new testament book summaries.

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Alright, so it sounds like you've got a fair amount of flexibility. Here are my suggestions:

If you want to play it safe I would select either Matthew or Mark from the gospels. They're pretty straightforward and you're likely much more familiar with them than you realize. Most of the traditional stories you've heard (even in passing) come from those books. I'm a bit confused about the "narrative" selection since the gospels are considered narrative. But since the instructor is clearly distinguishing them I'd suggest the "Acts of the Apostles" because it continues the stories you find in the gospels. Its rather like a ...

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