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    Exodus - Old Testament Book

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    Discuss the Book of Exodus in terms of the Name of the Book, Theme, Purpose, and provide an Outline of the Main Events of the Book.

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    Name - This second book of the Pentateuch, written by Moses, is called Exodus, signifying "going-out", or "departure," because it records the history of Israel's departure from Egypt and the journey to the Promised Land. It marks a new epoch in God's dealing with his chosen people, the descendants of Abraham. Up to this point, God had dealt with them, on the basis of the Abraham Covenant, as families and tribes; now, he begins their nationalization under the Mosaic Covenant, establishes a theocracy in which he himself is ruler, and dwells among ...

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    This solution discusses the Book of Exodus in terms of the name, theme, purpose, and provides an outline of the main events of the Ole Testament book.