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    God of the Old Testament

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    From the following readings: Genesis 1-18, Exodus 1-20, Joshua 1-4, and Judges 1-16. This job finds a story from the reading that best represents who the God of the Old Testament is and explains why this is the case.

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    In the reading from Exodus 1-20, I find Exodus 6:1-8 particularly important and revealing. In this section of Exodus, we have Moshe who just finished going to Pharoah for the first time, telling him that YHWH, the G-d of Israel demanded that he let the people go. No surprise, but Pharoah wasn't particularly impressed. Moshe got discouraged especially when the people of Israel got on his case for making the matter worse. Remember that Pharoah made them make bricks without straw.

    After Moshe got a bit in YHWH's face (Exodus 5:22-23), YHWH answered him with one of the greatest and most important statements found in Exodus regarding his ...

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    The solution discusses the God of the Old Testament.