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On the Biblie's 'Son of God' Theme

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Trace one of the biblical themes from the list provided noting developments of that theme in the Old Testament and in the New Testament. Show how New Testament writers reinterpreted the theme. Show the continuity in the development of the theme as well as any changes in meaning. Note any areas of disputed understanding.

I have chosen "Son of God" for my theme and need help finding the developments from the old and new testament as mentioned above. I will be accompanying my research with an outline so any tips/ideas on creating an outline for this would be extremely helpful as well! all of research I put together will be for a thematic paper eventually. Thank you in advance!

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The solution traces the theme of the Son of God from Old Testament to New and comments on developments and changes therein. Almost 1000 words are given, with plenty of biblical references and a suggestion on presentation style.

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Brent and Giese (1995) notes how the debate between the Jews and Christians on Christ as Messiah. They write that the Israelites had cried out to God for deliverance, and he had promised to send them a deliver. The belief was held that the deliver was to be the Messiah. However, the Jewish people did not accept Christ as the deliver. Subsequently, several Christological titles were applied to Jesus throughout the Bible. Based on biblical accounts, the majority of references to Him as Son of God takes place in the New Testament (NT). However, the Bible provides instances in which there are allusions to Christ as the Son of God.

(1) Abraham 1:1-17--Jesus is presented as the Messiah whose destiny on the cross will be a ransom for many, and by using an OT reference to the kingly ancestor Abraham (1:1-17).

(2) Ex 4:22-The title, Son of God was linked to the Messiah associated with the nation of Israel. He is connected to the promised prince from the House of David as God tells Pharaoh, "Israel is my firstborn".

(3) Mark 1-11-Jesu was proclaimed as Son of God at His baptism. Mark begins his gospel with the words, "The beginning of the gospel about Jesus Christ, the Son of God.", and thus makes an indirect statement of Jesus as God's son. Basically, Mark summarizes Jesus' proclamations on the fulfillment of the gospel. He quotes Isaiah (40) concerning His messenger, who ...

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