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The Norse Mythology: A Slideshow

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1. Creation of Both the World & of Humanity
2. Concept of Good and Evil 'What societal values are taught and enforced?
3. Identities - Principal Gods, Creatures, Heroes, Saints, Prophets, etc. (5-7)
4. Flora and Fauna - Plants and Animals of Import
5. The Afterlife .- What happens at the point of Death and afterwards?


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Dear Student,
If you recall the original Powerpoint guide I have made for you - it follows the above themes one after the other. I really think that there is no need to ammend as it follows the themes above accordingly. I think that what needs to be done is to just renew the titles per section to be in accordance with the themes above to make sure that it follows the theme plainly. It does not matter if the each theme takes more than 2 to 3 slides to present. This is because each mythology is unique and each sections/themes can be shorter or longer dependent upon the appearance of such themes in the mythology. Take for example Flora & Fauna - in Greek mythology this will be a longer section. Remember that in each of the themes, students can take liberty in renaming section titles to adapt to the structures and details of the mythology they've chosen. Now, if you recall, I have rewied and edited this Guide Sheet for you yesterday:

Norse Mythology: A Primer

1) Creation Myth
There were two main creatures in Ginnungagap - the very first universe of extremes: cold & heat. One was the first Frost Giant, Ymir, and the other was a huge cow called Audumla. The cow licked the salty ice for nourishment. As Audumla was licking the ice a huge manlike shape began to appear. Within 3 days she licked the figure free of the ice and Buri emerged who in time had a son called Bor. Bor married Bestle, a Frost Giantess, and they had 3 sons, Odin, Vili and Ve who became the first gods. Together they killed Ymir and from his body made the worlds ...

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The solution is related to another solution on Norse mythology but can stand on its own terms as a guide in creating a PowerPoint presentation on the topic of Norse Mythology by example. It contains a 17-slides PowerPoint presentation complete with images discussing the following themes:
1) Creation Myth,
2) The concept of good and evil,
3) Primary Gods in Midgard Mythology,
4) Flora and Fauna,
5) The Afterlife,
6) Similarities to other Beliefs.

A full bibliography of both web and print sources is also included in the attached Powerpoint presentation.