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    Contemporary trickster

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    Can someone help me with learning about a trickster in mythology.

    Identify a figure from contemporary popular culture that is not explicitly drawn from mythology.
    Explain why this figure should be considered a trickster.
    Include the following:

    A representation of your chosen trickster, which can be an image, a movie clip, or a description,
    A summary of the common elements and functions of the trickster myth Comparisons between your chosen contemporary tricksters
    At least one trickster from classical mythology

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    Dear Student,
    Hello. I have written a solution on this very problem before and my favourite modern character that I believe displays the trickster characteristic is Bart Simpson. We are all familiar with Bart. The target of his pranks and agendas are just about everybody that he seeks ...

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    The solution is a Powerpoint file that presents 2 tricksters in classic mythology and modern popular representations. A discussion of tricksters and the roles they play in myth is presented drawing on the case of Loki in Norse mythology. Then this is compared to the case of Bart Simpson as the contemporary trickster figure of focus in this presentation. References are included in the presentation file.