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    Myth Aspects: American, European, Asian, Australasian, etc.

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    Based on Myth aspects I need help answering the following questions on The Americas, Asia, Australia and Polynesia, Europe and Middle East myths.

    1. Good Versus Evil
    2. Creation
    3. Death and Destruction
    4. Abduction and Theft
    5. Rebirth and Redemption
    6. Trickster
    7. Love
    8. Betrayal
    9. Hero
    10. Journey or Quest

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    World Mythologies
    What are myths? They are the legendary beliefs that achieve a status akin to faith and religion associated with the human search for the divine and an explanation of how things are and why they are in the world. Myths are culture based. If cultures are the traditions, practices and accepted knowledge/truth that are established within particular social groups, societies - then myths are very particular - they are rooted in the history, traditions and beliefs of a particular culture, ...

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    The solution describes, identifies and relates certain myth aspects from Good vs. Evil to Journeys and Quests (see original problem) in an extensive matrix exploring the mythologies of The Americas, Asia, Australia, Polynesia, Europe and the Middle East. Key mythologies and mythic figures are named and since the solution is laid out in a Matrix, the aspects of each body of mythologies are put side by side for the purpose of comparison. The Solution is attached as a word file for easy printing. References are provided for expansion.