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    Pre-European Society/Post-Colonial Society

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    For the Melanesian, Australasian, or Polynesian regions: what are some of the Pre-European society and culture norms and what are some of the Post-Colonial culture and society norms?

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    As you choose a group, you might select Polynesia an examine its Pre European norms. Please note that prior to the Europeans, society was simple and they even did not have any metals; instead, research proves that "they developed a complex civilization by using available materials. For example, coconut palm leaves provided matting and roof thatch, the fibrous material covering the coconuts could be made into baskets, the shells could become household containers and other utensils, while the meat and liquid provided various foods and beverages" (http://www.newworldencyclopedia.org/entry/Polynesia).

    As you look at other aspects of ...

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    Pre-European Society/Post-Colonial Society norms are briefly listed.