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The Freedom Of Colonial Women

How much freedom did colonial women have? What factors could effect that freedom? Evaluate the importance of race, class, and religion to this issue.

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Women have always had an influential role in the prosperity and growth of any community. These roles have varied depending on the time period, geography and race of the people. The U.S. had three major groups of women: the Native Indian, the African, and the European. These three groups come from extremely different backgrounds, and played different roles in their family and community. The freedom of each group of women greatly depended on their race, class, religion, and even age.

Colonial European women's access to freedom greatly differed by many factors. For poor families in colonial times, women's full time job was homemaking. Poor housewives had to cook meals, make clothing, and doctor their family on top of cleaning, making household goods to use and sell, taking care of their animals, maintaining a fire and even tending to the kitchen gardens. In addition to bearing and caring for the children, some women spun the wool that they later ...

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This solution examines the various factors that shaped the freedom of colonial women.