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    Native American & Aztec Colonial Societies

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    Contrast Aztec society with that of Native Americans in what would become British North America.
    How did each influence the development of the respective European colonial societies in America?
    Discuss reasons why you think the relationship between the indigenous people and Europeans was characterized more often by conflict than by cooperation.

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    Here are a few things you might want to think about:

    1. Aztecs, if anything, more closely resembled societal structures that the Europeans were accustomed to. They had an easily recognizable religion, clearly designated places of worship (temples, pyramids), clearly established rituals, and a set, ingrained societal hierarchy, which was ultimately ruled by a powerful monarch who was raised almost to deified status. However, because the Aztecs did not abandon their culture and adopt the European religion, monarch, and culture, Europeans felt the need, and the God-given right, to spread their culture by force. Ultimately, when Europeans subdued the Aztecs using a ...

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    The solution provides guidance in discussing and putting together a paper that compares and contrasts Aztec & Native Americans in terms of their society and social dynamics in relation to the development of the relationship and dealings they've had and built with European colonists and settlers in colonial America. The role and outcome of conflict is also discussed.