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Marketing in Previously Communist Countries

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Trading-blocks are one of the challenges among multinational corporations seeking to enter previously communist countries. Companies should view previously communist countries in Eastern Europe as related since the emergence Europe Union, which signifies an economic and political union. For this reason, opening trading barriers is essential for economic growth among Eastern Europe.

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Economic Aspects of Previously Communist Countries:

As a result of bureaucratic control over economic resources, it's natural for the transition from communism to a free society to be a challenge. There were several challenges within the post-Soviet society regarding enterprises, continuous struggles within the economic sector, property ownership, and semi-private monopolies. Continuous fighting emerged within enterprises among managers and employees for control over property, and the allocation of income between profits and wages (Raiklin, 2005). The fight for property ownership took place among different financial institutions, bank managers, enterprise managers, and outside investors. There was also an aggressive struggle within different economic sectors (Raiklin, 2005). There was also a struggle between decentralized and semi-private monopolies for property ownership, to influence the federal system of government and regional bureaucracies. The post-Soviet Russia continues to have its clashes as long as the oligarchs attempt to control the national and regional bureaucracies (Raiklin, 2005).
Trading opportunities is essential for economic growth and stability, which explains the solid union between Russia and the EU. The Partnership and Cooperation Agreement of 1997 has helped regulate the political and economic relationship between these two regions. One major objective of the agreement is to promote trade and investment opportunities (European Commission, 2013). For many years EU ...

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