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Doing business in South America

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To date, all of your non-US business has come from the company's direct-marketing website. Based on that success, the VP of Marketing is ready to consider targeting "underserved" countries in different regions of the world. Possibilities include:

- Asia: Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Pakistan
- Eastern Europe: Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic
- Latin America: Colombia, Chile, Cuba

What are some of the opportunities and challenges associated with these regions and/or countries? You can focus your comments on either one region or two countries.

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The South American regions are fraught with problems of government and population explosions. Countries like Cuba and Columbia have strained relations with the United States. The government of Cuba is a long time enemy and other areas such as Peru and Venezuela have become more anti American with new government leadership. (Look at CIA Factbook and The Economist for references to these problems). Additional governmental based problems are found in the instability of the governments, the ongoing fighting and warring within the upper South American continent. Columbians are fighting with the drug trades and it remains a dangerous place for outsiders. Many countries, disappointed with the lack of job creation and better living conditions have turned to what the business ...

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A brief summary of problems and advantages of doing business in South American region of the world.

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