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    Communication briefing for manager to be sent to a South American country

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    You have been asked to provide briefings to orient the next person sent abroad. Write a briefing that will:

    a. Assist one of your female managers from India in adjusting and communicating well with businesspeople in a South American country of your choice. (Remember that South America is a continent, not a country).

    b. Assist the executive from your chosen country in adjusting and communicating well with the female manager from India.
    You may include areas as simple as basic etiquette in that culture to more sophisticated elements of business communication and business relationships.

    Acceptable internet resources include among others government sites (especially for statistics). You are not permitted to use Wikipedia or any open source website.

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    Moving to work abroad in a different culture can be challenging for a person who does not fully comprehend the other culture. This is because different cultures differ in various ways such as how they communicate express themselves or how they use their time. These differences can be apparent with people from different cultures especially in business activities. Most business executives experience differing cultural styles, behaviors, manners and in the case of women they may wonder whether this is due to their gender or just their culture (Hooker, 2008). This paper presents briefings to orient the female manager from India in adjusting and communicating well with business people from Brazil and also orient the Brazilian business executive in adjusting and communicating well with the female manager from India.

    What the Indian business woman needs to know about the Brazilian business culture:

    Every country has unique ways in which they interact and communicate. The Indian female manager would have to understand the communication patterns of Brazilians in order to be able effectively understand how to carry out business effectively and efficiently and how she can be able to manage her workers. Most senior Brazilian executives are able to speak English in this country but most of the population in the country speaks Portuguese. The Brazilians revere the fact that they are unique in their language in South America and are therefore culturally sensitive to those speaking Spanish (World Business Culture, 2011).

    Communication in this country is predominantly face to face rather than through the written word, as Brazilians tend to take seriously the oral word before the written word. When sending a formal letter it is often good practice to follow it up with a visit or a phone call. ...

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