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Working in a global environment and culture

What are your thoughts on what it means to work in a global environment. Are you willing to understand the culture of that country? How about the language? Do you believe that working in the U.S. is better than working abroad?

About 300 words.

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This is a personal perspective, use as your guide.

A Global Environment

When we talk about a 'global' work environment these days, it does not refer to a geo-physically demanding job where travel is intense. It refers to the nature of the globalized trade where technology in communication and transportation has allowed for more intensive & interdependent economies as corporations became multinational entities. Wal-Mart for example has stores and interests all over the world. Companies have also looked to outsource labor and production. For example, call centers in India & Manila provide the technological & clerical support for US-based companies (i.e. PayPal, Citibank, Infosys) while China & Vietnam house the factories manufacturing & assembling an astonishing variety of products from food stuff, clothes, house ware, ...

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