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    Fostering a collaborative environment for virtual teams

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    This solution explores ways of fostering a collaborative environment for virtual teams. It provides ideas for collaboration and engagement that can increase productivity in a geographically diverse work group.

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    Fostering a Collaborative Environment for Virtual Teams

    Today's work environment is a global environment. In order for a corporation to leverage the best talent possible, workers often do not work in the same physical location and are asked to collaborate on projects and work as a team. This requires creative thinking from leaders to build connections. Below are some ideas that can help any leader mold a team when the team is virtual
    • Use technology when meeting with employees to encourage ...

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    This solution explores how intentional efforts to mold a virtual team can increase productivity in a virtual working environment. It provides ideas for connecting employees, communicating, building a culture of collaboration, and modifying a culture to encourage collaboration among a virtual workforce.