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Virtual versus in-person offices

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Some forward-thinking entrepreneurs believe the virtual organization has 'arrived' and that employees of an organization no longer need a physical office, nor even to be located in the same city. More than ever before, work has transcended the traditional workday and the traditional workplace, due to advances in mobile computing. However, is it really true that in-person offices are obsolete? In this Discussion, you will consider this question.

Discuss whether or not you agree with the following statement: 'The virtual organization has arrived, thanks to mobile computing. Nobody needs to go to an office anymore'. Evaluate the statement by describing conditions under which it would be valid and when it would not be valid. Explain your reasoning.

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I do not believe that in-person offices have become obsolete or will ever become obsolete. There are certain advantages of in-person offices that would never be addressed by virtual offices, such as importance of face-to-face communication and meeting for building trust and bonding among the employees, resolving conflicts in a constructive manner, etc. Even though advancement in internet and mobile technologies and existence of modern software tools such as collaboration tools, video conferencing technologies, etc. have addressed numerous challenges associated with virtual workers or virtual organizations, the importance of in-person offices will always remain.

In today's globalized and extremely dynamic business environment, the use of virtual or telecommuting workers has become a necessity as operations of an organization are spread across the globe and advanced ...

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This solution discusses situations in which virtual and in-person organizations are preferable for an organization.

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