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    Myth of the Model Minority

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    Asian American families have been touted as a "model minority." What does this term mean? Stereotypes can be both true and false in some respects. In what ways is the model minority myth true, and in what ways is it false? You must use literature to support your claims; they cannot be based solely on your opinions.

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    It is always a pleasure assisting you with some notes for your current course. This posting contains some of my own lecture notes regarding the concept of a model minority.

    In actuality, all stereotypes are true some of the time, or there would never have been a basis for the development of that particular mindset in the first place. In the case of Asian Americans, they have are believed by some to be a model minority because of certain benchmark indicators that society looks at when determining who is being productive, and who is not. For example, Asian Americans tend to score at academically higher levels in comparison to ...

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    A brief discussion about the concept of the model minority and why many believe this to be a myth and nothing more than a stereotype that lacks and substantive foundation.