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    Myth Aspects: Egyptian Mythology

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    Based on Myth aspects I need help answering the following questions on Egypt myths.

    1. Good Versus Evil
    2. Creation
    3. Death and Destruction
    4. Abduction and Theft
    5. Rebirth and Redemption
    6. Trickster
    7. Love
    8. Betrayal
    9. Hero
    10. Journey or Quest

    Answers do not have to be lengthy.

    Thank you!!

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    The solution explores Egyptian myths on from topics of good vs. evil to topics of quests and journeys (see long description). The solution extensively and comprehensively associates each topic in accordance with an Egyptian Myth or aspect of Egyptian mythology related to it or in reference to it. It does so by presenting the solution in the form of a Matrix. References are provided. The solution is attached as a word file for easy printing.