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    Classic myth and origin story similarities and differences.

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    In what ways are the origin stories told about groups in which you are a part (for example, a nation, a company, a church) similar to and different from classic myths?

    Please pick one myth and research / discuss it.

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    The one story that stands out to me is the story of creation. There are several similarities and differences between the story of creation from a religious stand point or Genesis and creation from the Greek mythology stand point. I will point some of these out for you, but will also attach the articles I drew my information from.

    Both myth and origin story begin with a "void". In Greek mythology it was known as Chaos, which all things were born from. In Genesis, God created the heavens and the earth from nothing. This "nothingness" could be seen as similar to the "void" of the Greek myths. Next, Day and Night were created. In Greek mythology, Chaos had children. Gaea or Mother Earth, Uranus or the Heavens and Sky and Tartarus known as "hell" or the sunless region under the earth. Similar to Genesis, the earth was made, then light then darkness.

    Greek mythology then goes on to tell the tale of Cronus, the son of Gaea and Uranus. Cronus was told ...

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    The creation myth as it pertains to Greek mythology. Background information includes the creation of the earth based on Greek mythology and based on Genesis.