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    Virgil's Aeneid

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    I just read all 12 books of The Aeneid and it is very confusing. Some how it sounds so similar to Homer's epics. I need assistance understanding it better. I have the following questions:

    1) What is the origin of the myth?
    2) How is it similar to Homer's epics?
    3) How is it different to Homer's epics?
    4) Are Aeneas actions justified?

    I appreciate your help understanding this poem.

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    1) What is the origin of The Aeneid

    The origin of Aeneid is steeped in Roman history wherein the time that Vergil lived through, (70-19 B.C.) It was a politically violent and chaotic time during the failing of the Republic, and the poem was heavily influenced by the events of this period. The history of Rome in the first century including the violent destruction of the Republic and creation of peace and order by Augustus is another theme in the book that created the origins ...

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    This solution of 350 words discusses Virgil's Aeneid and touches on the origin of the myth, justifications of Aeneas actions and also the similarities and differences to Homer's epics. References used are included.