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    Myths and Archetypes

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    How do myths and fables demonstrate the collective consciousness? What are common archetypes in such tales?

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    Carl Jung's theories are central in understanding archetypes, recurring themes and ideas that unify myths and stories across time and civilizations. (http://webspace.ship.edu/cgboer/jung.html.)

    Myths and legends of the world derive from the similar structure of the human mind. These stories manifest the "collective unconsciousness." These manifestations are very specific types of character that appear and reappear in myths and legends universally. Carl Jung's archetypes include:

    - The Mother: This can even refer to the earth or ones village. It is the nurturing side of human relationships.
    - Phallic symbols (Mana): Magical ability; fertilization and fertility.
    - Shadow: We ...

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    The expert determines how myths and fables demonstrates the collective consciousness. The common archetypes in such tales are determined.