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Archetypal Psychology by James Hillman

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Briefly explain and elucidate, confirm & counter James Hillman's ideas.

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Archetypal Psychology by James Hillman is briefly summarized and validated with references.

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As you explain and elucidate, you can define it as this ideology uses "mythical and poetic modes of discourse to inform our understanding of lived experience and behavior" (http://www.jfkjrinstitute.cuny.edu/programs/Hephaestus%20Power%20Point.pdf). As a cultural movement, you can explain how it embodies a re-vision of "psychology, psychopathology, and psychotherapy in terms of the Western cultural imaginationââ?¬Â? (www.vilaserena.com.br/fundamentos_documentos/spring1.doc). Hillman's use of soul as a perspective is quite riveting.

As you ...

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