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Appropriate Situations to Use Focus Groups

In what situations is it appropriate to use focus groups? Explain.

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1. In what situations is it appropriate to use focus groups? Explain.

A focus group is defined "as a small gathering of individuals1 who have a common interest or characteristic, assembled by a moderator, who uses the group and its interactions as a way to gain information about a particular issue" (Williams & Katz, n.d.).

Kruger and Casey (2000) proposes that the purpose of focus groups is to promote a comfortable atmosphere of disclosure in which people can share their ideas, experiences, and attitudes about a topic. Participants "influence and are influenced," with researchers playiing several roles, including that of moderator, listener, observer, and eventually inductive analyst (Krueger & Casey, 2000).

Focus groups can also be used as a program evaluation method. They are more more appropriate for some situations than others, and according to Morgan and Krueger (1993), the following situations are instances when focus groups are beneficial:

? When the security provided by the group allows members who are lower in the 'power hierarchy' within an organization to express feelings and experiences that they would not otherwise share.
? When the ...

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