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    An analysis of Creation/Flood Myths: Deities

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    How are the attitudes and behaviors of the deities in the myths of creation/flood similar to those of ordinary human beings?

    How are they different?

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    Myths: The Great Deluge

    As we have previously established, myths, legends, folklore, and tales - they are products of oral & written social traditions that trace back the history and experience of a people as they make sense of the world and their realities through the ages. In all the fantastical narrative that aim to entertainment and provide a window to wonderment, a grain of truth that was the basis of the myth is attached. The great Dragons of China for example are anchored to the great fossil discoveries made by the ancients of the earlier inhabitants of the land - probably dinosaurs.

    Of the myths of the great deluge, the great flood, just about every major culture has a story that tells of a narrative so similar on the general made only particular by the touch of local reinterpretation particular to the culture telling and identifying the story. There is the Epic of Gilgamesh, the Chinese have the great flood of the Yellow River, the Jews have the great Flood that wiped out the earth for 40 days - the myth that is seen as a 'true biblical event' by Christians the world over. It shares so many similar aspects to it as that of the story from the Epic of Gilgamesh which is no ...

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    The solution is a comprehensive discussion of the creation/flood myths,particularly that of the attitude of the deities in comparison with that of the mortals in the tale/myth/story. Writtenin the APA-format with word version attached for easy printing.