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Theories of Myth: Euhemerism, Freud, Jung, Volk

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Can you please summarize and compare/contrast these three mythology theories:

Euhemerism, Freud & Jung and Volk.

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Euhemerism rationalized mythology as having a basis or being a reflection of historical events. He is credited with noting that the acts of the gods and humans were a line that is blurred in myths and storytelling. Real people performed these acts and were deified by the people to commemorate their bravery or stupidity. His point of view is rational and can be compared to the nineteenth century rationalists from Germany such as Eichhorn. His rationalizations could actually be accused of reducing myths to a sociological or anthropological way of thinking about the stories and their uses by the Greeks in particular. One of the issues of criticism is the loss of spirituality and worship in this human view. However, ...

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The theories of myth-creation of Euhemerism, Freud & Jung and Volk are explained, compared and contrasted in this solution.