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Freud versus Adler

Hello, I need some help with these 2 questions please :-)
Also, I will be posting a separate paper I need help with.

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1. I believe that Freud valued the therapeutic technique of psychoanalysis the most. Because he saw psychoanalysis as a universal application that could be used to all people, he emphasized the power of the unconscious to unlock the barriers to successful therapy.

Because his psychoanalytic theory infuses the power of the id, the ego, and the superego, he saw these elements and instincts as the basis for all causes of behaviors. His emphasis also upon the role of dreams and their interpretations also revealed that he was more theory driven than client focused for me.

On their other hand, I personally disagree with his approach. I deem that a client/therapist relationship has more merit ...

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Theories of Freud versus Adler are investigated briefy.