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    Therapy Theories

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    1.Compare and contrast Jung's and Adler's theories to Freud's theories.

    2 .According to Freud, which is more important: the patient-therapist relationship or the therapeutic technique used?

    Why does he state that one is more important?

    Do you agree?

    Defend your position.

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    1. Compare and contrast Jung's and Adler's theories to Freud's theories.

    Jung: disagreed with Freud ideas about the nature of the unconscious mind. Jung believed that the unconscious held much more than personal fears, urges, and memories. He believed that there was not only a personal unconscious as described by Freud but also a collective unconscious, which is the name for the memories shared by all members of the human ...

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    This solution compares and contrasts the theories of Jung, Adler, and Freud. The solution also clarifies Freud's position on the importance of patient-therapist relationships and provides an personal expert opinion on the topic. Additionally, this solution includes one reference source for further investigation of the topic.