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    Cosmic Flood Myths

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    (NOTE: Briefly compare and contrast two stories from your reading.) Questions must have an answer for both religion floods and address the questions for each myth below.


    REGION OR CULTURE: Chinese Mythology

    1. Who or what caused the flood?
    2. Who were the main characters involved?
    3. What was the motivation to cause the flood?
    4. Who survived the flood and why?
    5. Did the original creator(s) maintain involvement after the flood?

    Please provide references.

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    1. Who or what caused the flood?

    a. Hebrew: G-d of Israel caused the flood. E.g. In the traditions of most ancient civilizations there can be found a legend concerning a flood of such enormous proportions that it is believed to have covered the whole Earth. Such was the destructive force of this flood that few land animals and plants survived it. For readers in Western society the most famous version is the story of Noah and the Ark as recounted in Genesis, the first book of the Bible. Although it may be the best known, the account of Noah's adventure is neither the only nor the oldest such legend. (1)

    b. In China the flood myth had a different emphasis from the legends told in the West. The flooding of the land from time immemorial was seen as a hindrance to agriculture. The floodwaters were made to recede through the labors of a savior-hero named Yu the Great, who successfully dredged the land to provide outlets to the sea for the water. Thus was the great central river valley of China made suitable for agriculture and the development of civilization (1)

    2. Who were the main characters involved?

    a. God, Noah and family saved, the rest of the world was evil and destroyed.

    b. The ancient Chinese civilization concentrated at the bank of Yellow River near present day Xian ...

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    In relation to the two flood myths, this solution compares and contrasts the Hebrew (Genesis) and Chinese (Chinese Yu) myths on several dimensions e.g. cause, main characters, motivation, who survived the flood, and if the originator was involved in the flood. References are provided.