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Book of Judges

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For OTA 104150 Mr. Mark House: We were so impressed with your assistance that we requested your help on one last question our study group is thrashing out.

We wondered whether the Book of Judges shares a common theme [things like ideas, structure, language, etc] with other Old Testament books and supposing that it does....then what are they (please be specific cause we really want to thoroughly understand this) and does that help us (the people who read Judges) understand the message of Judges?

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The book of judges are given. The common themes are given.

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I actually saw this question yesterday when responding to the others. It made sense to address all of the Judges questions together, but this one required more thought and I had limited time, so I let it go, thinking maybe I could return to it later. Meanwhile, I've been mulling over the thematic connections between Judges and the other OT books.

My first reaction was that the book of Judges is pretty unique among the OT books. It stresses the fallibility and corruption of the people while at the same time introducing a series of the most unlikely "saviors" such as Deborah the Biblical Xena, or doubting Gideon, or Jephthah the rejected harlot's son, or Sampson the womanizer. It has a rather uncharacteristically ...

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