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    The Role of Providence

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    1.) What is the difference, if any, between Old Testament and New Testament divine providence?

    2.) How can this be applied to a believer's Personal, Practical, and Ministry Work?

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    Hello! I hope this finds you well. The first question, as seems to be the case with all your questions, is a provocative one. Just as a pro-tip, if you ever see the words "if any" in an assigned question, it means you may be looked upon more favorably for arguing a lack of a need for the question. For example, in this case your instructor might be more interested in hearing that there isn't a difference, even if s/he doesn't necessarily believe there isn't one. At least for my part, I think as far as the nature of divine providence, and the means by which it is bestowed, there really is no difference; obviously God provides, and he provides freely ...

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    The role of providence in both the Old and New Testaments are described at some length as a means also towards understanding it on more specific, personal levels.